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venerdì 30 dicembre 2011

I migliori ed insospettabili Eventi, le più Sorprendenti Sfide sono ormai nel DNA di VedoFlorence Se volete restare sorpresi, che dico!, stupefatti ed attoniti, per l'assoluta originalità dei nostri progetti, scrivete, telefonate, venite a trovarci !!

martedì 15 dicembre 2009


It isn't too early to wish you a stunning 2010 !! Also because world will be a better world thanks to VedoFlorence appearance. Uniqueness and Beauty, Art Masterpieces, revolutionary business model, incredible Client care, gifts and so so many other never seen before features/objects/ideas in action. Stay beautifully well !! Claudio

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giovedì 14 maggio 2009

The Big Event Is Here !!

Yes you must be in Italy, in the very nice and very little S.Zenone Al Po (Pavia) to spend a magnificent day, eat some good local food, and, over all, to enjoy from early afternoon to late night a day of entertainement, challenges, tricks, prizes, awards...
It is all organized by me, your event writer, your intriguing messenger of joy and happiness...

Come here !!

For all international readers, I'll organize an online challenge starting on June, 14th at 18,00(GMT Timezone).

At this hour (repeat GMT time zone) all the challenge's tricks hints and clues will be put online and you, as far as possible, will try to solve it.

You'll must send solutions, by email, to

The challenge will finish 4 hours later, at 22,00.

ASAP I'll determine the official ranking, I'll post it.

The winner (yes only one winner, here) will receive a very special prize, and, in plus, the perpetual glory here. The first 10, will also receive a very special gift from my new venture, but, what a pity, it will be fit only in the month of July...Anyway, it will be really special...

All gifts are also due to my brilliant partner Marco Crudeli who agree for the gifting, and, above all, mainly, he himself will de facto project and build what I simply conceptualize, adding some chosen words.

So, if interested, simply press the "paga adesso" button, choose your option, and enjoy !!

No money for me, all raised fees will be given  all to S.Zenone Charities  Pro Loco and S.Luigi Center...I'll post here the official document and, the thanks of two charities.

My work here, my imaginative work in the future, is absolutely free of charge and happily gifted.

For donating procedure, if you prefer, send me an email, and I'll make the request to you by email and simply clicking on the link you'll be done !! I remember you all my email:

To everybody, to all my talented readers, the best of luck in your business, but, over all, in your life.



domenica 10 maggio 2009

Exercise #3

A spy try to enter in a secret US Navy base. Hidden, he see that to people wishing to enter the sentinel asks something, then people answers a correct "password" and enter. The spy couldn't understand, so, very cautiously, try to approach and finally he  is quite nearby...
He see and hears that:

To first person wishing to enter, the sentinel asks "twelve?" and the quick answer is: "six !!"
"Pass!!" says the sentinel.
To second person wishing to enter, the sentinel asks:"six?" and the quick answer is "three!!"
"Pass!" says the sentinel.

At this point the spy has all clear: it is sufficient to answer dividing by two the number said by the sentinel.

So the Spy come quick to the entrance, and the sentinel asks him: "ten ??" and the Spy "five!!"
He is immediately arrested and immobilized with throttles. Now he is in danger of death...

Now, my fantastic readers, can you tell me which was the real link between question and answer ??

Enjoy !!


giovedì 7 maggio 2009

Exercise # 2

Discover the error by logic (but all phormula are correct , believe me !!).

Let's write this                          a=a (right ?!)
Now, write this                         a*a=a*a (right?!)
Now, this                                   (a*a)-(a*a )=(a*a)-(a*a) (right!?)
Now, let's write the same
thing in a different matter    a*(a-a)=(a+a)*(a-a) (right?!)

Well, now let's simplify taking off
same element from right and left of sign =
We'll obtain                                 a=a+a
Or                                                a=2a
C'et a dir                                     1=2 (??)

Well, I assure you that all phormula applications are right, no trick, but for an elementar mistake..

Which one ??

We'll see later for the solution...


Solution # 1

Well here is the "logic" solution.

12, write it: = T  W  E  L  V  E

Now, we must sum 1, who's writing is O  N  E

The partial writing become:  T   W  E  L  V  E   O  N  E

Now we must subtract 2, who's writing is T  W  O

The global writing left (afetr taking off TWO) is likewise: E  L  V  E   N  E

If we slightly rearrange letters  (anagram) we obtain= E  L  E  V  E  N  !!

So we can say that in english summing numbers or letters is the same thing ...

Hope you enjoyed my dears...

A la prochaine...